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Make Every Year Matter Workbook

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End 2023 with reflection and begin 2024 with intention

Make Every Year Matter is a guided workbook containing 48 questions and exercises. The workbook aims to help you reflect on the year that has passed and serves as a prompt to set intentions and realign for the year ahead.

The workbook may be answered on your tablet, laptop, desktop, or even a piece of paper. It contains the following sections:

  • Life Audit to look back on and appreciate 2023 — your experiences, challenges, and accomplishments 
  • Realignment to ground you on your values, priorities and vision
  • Visualization to help you visualize your ideal life both in the short- and long-run
  • Goal Setting to identify your personal and professional goals in 2024 and determine the necessary steps towards these ambitions
  • Bucket List to get you excited by making a list of things, places, and experiences to try in the coming year
  • Intention Setting to help you realign and determine your "why", which you can revisit anytime in 2024