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Mindful Mixes Bundle

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Mindful Mixes Bundle in Calamansi, Moringa, and Turmeric (150g each)

Mindful Mixes is a carefully curated collection of highly nutritious powdered juices sourced directly from Philippine farmers. With zero preservatives and zero added sugar, these juices make a healthy yet tasty addition to your daily routine!

Calamansi: For those who want to boost immunity and remain protected from diseases and viruses.

  1. Boosts immunity through vitamin C
  2. Lowers cholesterol
  3. Contains collagen to brighten skin
  4. Helps reduce blood uric acid
  5. Aids in weight loss

Moringa: For those who want to feel energetic, look more vibrant, and reduce fatigue. Recommended for expecting mothers!

  1. Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  2. Makes your skin healthy and radiant
  3. Promotes a healthy digestive system
  4. Boosts breast milk production and quality
  5. Nutrient rich – contains vitamin E, protein, fibre and calcium

Turmeric: For those who want to manage inflammation and actively detox

    1. Reduces inflammation
    2. Has high antioxidant properties
    3. Improves digestion
    4. Reduces risk of heart disease
    5. Manages symptoms related to menstrual pain and joint pain
    6. Promotes glowing skin and reduce acne

    More on Mindful Mixes

    1. 0 preservatives and 0 added sugar
    2. Sourced from Philippine farmers
    3. Spray dried for 2 years of shelf life
    4. Safe for pregnant women
    5. Vegan